Sponsor Yogafest Dubai

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As a free community event, we need to raise funds from sponsors to cover our costs. This is your chance to get your brand in front over 5000 visitors.


Register as a Yogafest Sponsor

We accept applications from companies who make/offer sustainable products and services. We really do care about this planet and encourage everyone to tread lightly and live consciously.

Options are:

15 Red Market Vendors –  For small business with items to sell that are eco-friendly and less than AED 100 each.

30 Orange Vendors –  For studios or businesses with more expensive items like yoga wear, mats etc.

6 Yellow Vendors – 3m x 3m space with tent in high traffic locations with more space to draw in the crowds

2 Green Sponsors –  Exclusive location to showcase your business and branding on our flyers

1 Blue Sponsor –  You want the maximum exposure at the festival for your brand. On site location optional.






Food Vendors
FeesAED 1,000AED 3,000AED 7,500AED 15,000AED 30,000AED 5,000
Logo on HTML invite to 9000 databaseYesYesYesYes
Branding on A4 flyer – 5000 copiesYesYesYes
Branding on sign boardsYesYes
Logo on main stageYesYes
No of Teaching slots124
Logo on WebsiteYesYesYesYesYesYes
YogaFest will provide1 Table1 Table,
2 chairs
1 Table,
2 chairs,
3m x 3m tent
1 Table,
2 chairs,
3m x 3m tent
1 Table,
2 chairs,
3m x 3m tent
2 x 13 amps

Register as a Yogafest Sponsor

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Register as a Yogafest Sponsor